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DriverMaster 1.0.3 is out!

I am glad to announce that DriverMaster is updated to 1.0.3 with few major bug fixes:

  • New license request code which solves the problem with deactivating the script parameters. You will need to run the update and resend me your new request code for a new license
  • Problem with deleting Path spline is gone now. It used to affect chassis controls, not anymore
  • “Mass” parameter is simplified and fixed

Thanks to all the supporters for your feedback and suggestions!

11 comments on “DriverMaster 1.0.3 is out!”

  • yong li

    I can’t find the way to download

  • Thomas Vilushis

    I made the purchase(Travis Johnson) today via PayPal. Where can I download the script?

    • Efim Armand (author)

      Please check spam folder for missing email with a link to download.

  • mike

    will this work in 3ds max 2020?

    • Efim Armand (author)

      Hi, yes it was tested in 3ds Max 2020.

  • Edson Silva

    will this work in 3ds max 2021?

    • Efim Armand (author)

      Hi, yes it supports 3dsMax 2012-2021

  • sonam bhutia

    i upgraded to 3dsmax 2022 its not working please help.

    • Efim Armand (author)

      Hi, please disable 3ds Max 2022 protection in Preferences, restart it, then install the plugin.

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