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Category: Script

I am glad to announce that DriverMaster is updated to 1.0.3 with few major bug fixes: New license request code which solves the problem with deactivating the script parameters. You will need to run the update and resend me your new request code for a new license Problem with deleting Path spline is gone now. It used to affect chassis controls, not anymore “Mass” parameter is simplified and fixed Thanks to all the supporters for your feedback and suggestions!

Hi there! I am very glad to say that this year I received a lot of positive feed back from DriverMaster buyers all around the world. That is great that my tool helps other artists in their projects, commercial and personal. Come to get your license with 30% Christmas discount! Hurry up, the promotion is active till December 26. To get a discount just enter XMASTER coupon code upon your purchase. Merry Christmas to everyone!

I have received a lot of valuable feedback on DriverMaster since the script has been released. Here I would like to share an article written by Mike Kuhn, a 20 years experience 3D specialist, for¬†Digital Production. DIGITAL PRODUCTION covers the entire range of digital media production as a German-speaking trade journal. The editorial team is focused on the technical and aesthetic background of animation, visual effects, visualization and design as well as post-production sequences. In addition to the general focus, each print issue has two main focus areas. It covers topics such as hardware and software development, game & interactive…

I’m proud to announce the final release of DriverMaster, 3ds max tool for vehicle rigging and animation! It’s been a long way to make it happen. The first thing I have to do is to say thanks to all who helped it come true, left positive feedback and contacted me! I really hope DriverMaster will be useful to everyone in the daily basis. DriverMaster 1.0.1

Here is my first car rigging approach, which became more complicated than it was at the beginning when I decided to research this topic. I’ve studied a lot of car rigging tutorials, took all the best features and built my own rig scheme. It became a great new experience for me in developing scripted rig.

Hi there, this script adds a procedural shake animation layered on position/rotation tracks (needs your standard or VRayCamera to be selected). You can control parameters at Shake Parameters rollout which you’ll find at the end of the camera/point parameters. elfinCameraShake.zip

It’s the part of elfin V-Ray setup script, which is in beta-testing now.netRender dialog allows quick and convenient way to send your scene to backburner. Server list items are got from backburner manager. Also there is a tile renderer which is useful for rendering large pictures by dividing them into several parts rendered by available servers in backburner in one time, so it speeds up getting the final image. Backburner job names are given automatically according to the file name of scene, camera, description and the time of submitting, fox example: park_re_camera02_description__20101130-174533 or strip003_1x3_park_re_camera02_description__20101130-174533 in case of dividing the image…