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Welcome To My Blog

Here is my first car rigging approach, which became more complicated than it was at the beginning when I decided to research this topic. I’ve studied a lot of car rigging tutorials, took all the best features and built my own rig scheme. It became a great new experience for me in developing scripted rig.

Hi there, this script adds a procedural shake animation layered on position/rotation tracks (needs your standard or VRayCamera to be selected). You can control parameters at Shake Parameters rollout which you’ll find at the end of the camera/point parameters. elfinCameraShake.zip

Some shots from current project. Software used: 3ds Max 2009, V-Ray 1.5 SP2, Nuke, After Effects, Photoshop. As far as our studio has become too small now (3 employees, no animator as before) we have to solve some new tasks. The below shots were fully made by me including modeling, shading, lighting, animation, compositing and montaging. The main aims were the testing of tree animation, also paper and writing pen dynamics, some new ways of compositing, trying to achieve some special mood in the scenes.

It’s the part of elfin V-Ray setup script, which is in beta-testing now.netRender dialog allows quick and convenient way to send your scene to backburner. Server list items are got from backburner manager. Also there is a tile renderer which is useful for rendering large pictures by dividing them into several parts rendered by available servers in backburner in one time, so it speeds up getting the final image. Backburner job names are given automatically according to the file name of scene, camera, description and the time of submitting, fox example: park_re_camera02_description__20101130-174533 or strip003_1x3_park_re_camera02_description__20101130-174533 in case of dividing the image…